About the Sardis Group

Plumbing. Heating. Refrigeration. Air conditioning. Furnace and duct cleaning for fresher air. It's all about comfort. Your comfort.

The Sardis Group is a small collection of companies providing service, repair, installation and maintenance for furnaces, hot water tanks, refrigeration and air conditioning systems in the Fraser Valley. We also provide duct cleaning and power vacuum services.

Sardis Plumbing and Heating
Sardis Plumbing and Heating provides plumbing repairs such as leaks and hot water tank repair and replacement. www.sardisplumbingheating.ca

Glacier Air
Glacier Air provides air conditioning and refrigeration service, repair, installation and maintenance. www.glacierair.ca

Fraser Valley Power Vac
Fraser Valley Power Vac provides residential and commercial furnace and duct cleaning, insulation and large particle removal and rodent dropping decontamination. www.fraservalleypowervac.ca

The Sardis Group companies operate in Chilliwack, Sardis, Rosedale, Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs, Seabird Island and Hope.

Enjoy Comfort and Peace of Mind

We are all about your comfort. It's no surprise that the services we offer complement each other. You can call us to take a look at a furnace, only to find out that it might not be a bad idea to get Fraser Valley Power Vac to come in and vacuum out the vents. Like we say, it's all about your comfort and keeping the business in the group means getting the best possible combination of quick response, fair rates, and talented technicians. Make the call!